Flower of Life - Vinyl Decal


Premium weatherproof vinyl sticker. Full color silkscreened and 100% UV protection clear gloss. These are a shiny and pretty!

Packaged in a clear poly bag with a card back.
Card back has line drawing you can color in yourself, or pass on to a friend…or color and then pass it on!

Size: 3" round

The Flower of Life is an overlapping grid of circles, beginning with just 2 circles (it can be repeated indefinitely). Just like images we’ve seen of the beginning of cell division at the time of conception. It’s a sacred symbol that can be meditated on for many ideas. Nothingness and infinity, alpha and omega, and the miracles of the building blocks of nature.

And just for you, I’ve made the backing card a nice little image that you can color while you meditate upon the Flower of Life!